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Fimmtudagur, 03. október 2013 22:36

Call Room
-please be there at least 20 minutes before your start
-the time schedule is only a guide and can change
-heats will be started when they are ready, treatment NOT according to the time schedule

Victory ceremony
-please be ready 
-first three swimmers in each age group class recieve a medal

-please fill out a list of swimmers and age for each relay team and hand it in to the technical staff in time
- registration papers are available at the pool deck

Cafeteria - 2nd floor.
-selling sandwich, snack bars, fruit and a variety of drinks for a reasonable price
-Icelandic swim caps (IKr 1600) and TYR goggles (Ikr 2600) are also available

FINA masters rules

Dinner tickets for saturday evening are sold in the cafeteria at IKr 5.900. 
-Please get your tickets BEFORE leaving the pool on Friday evening
-Buffet menu: Soup and bread, a variety of starters, hot and cold meat and seafood main courses and deserts.